Every seat in this Arena represented a child in need.

No child, no matter where they live, should have to face hunger and malnutrition. So, we teamed up with athletes and artists, rallied SMASHVILLE fans and reached 50 million people across the USA to respond to the global food crisis.


Together, we changed children’s lives, one meal at a time.

We fought global hunger, SMASHVILLE-style.

The Nashville Predators partnered with Compassion International and local nonprofits to make sure fewer children went hungry and suffered during the global food crisis.

Compassion International and the Predators Foundation provided emergency food kits.


Fed a family for one month


Fed a family for 10 months

Every seat filled at our Fill the Arena event fed a family of 5 for a year. Every meal you helped provide gave children a real chance to thrive.
Bridgestone Arena

Athletes and Artists led the charge.

Big changes often start with small things that move one person into action. Every athlete and artist who partnered with FILL THE ARENA™ committed to answer the call to help vulnerable children around the world. Their stories are personal. Hear what moved them to take action!

Meet the Lead Team

  • Mike Fisher

    Former Hockey Player

  • Roman Josi

    The Nashville Predators

  • Carrie Underwood

    Country Music Artist

  • Chase Rice

    Country Music Artist

Just one meal can save a life.

A global food crisis is a big problem, but together, we made a difference. 50M people across the USA…
  • Talked to friends to raise awareness.

  • Donated to feed children and their families.

  • Shared this site and the opportunity to participate.

Family-eating Child-eatingl

SMASHVILLE vs Global Food Crisis.
Let’s show ‘em how it’s done.

SMASHVILLE is loud and proud and part of a big-hearted city. They proved it. They showed the world how to take on a global food crisis Smashville-style—one team, one city, one meal, and one child at a time.
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